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The brand Joli Bébé was founded in 1993 by Roberta Pierdicca, the company owner and designer. Everything began with a cute teddy bear that Roberta crafted for pleasure and which today is her brand emblem. Inspired by this creation and motivated by her passion for fashion and her creativity, she decided to launch a children’s accessories line.

Over the years she has been able to succeed in the fashion market with a company praised for its reliability, quality and innovation. Every single item is entirely designed by Roberta, who personally supervises each production phase to guarantee excellence, efficiency and uniqueness.

Besides quality, all the accessories Joli Bébé (hats, scarves, gloves, bags, headbands, hairbands, etc) have always meant elegance and sweetness for babies, and style and liveliness for kids.

Following its participation at internationally renowned exhibitions, like PITTI BIMBO-Florence, CPM-Moscow, and many others, the brand Joli Bébé has spread out in the finest boutiques for children from 0 to 16 years old in many places of the world.

Made in Italy

100% Made In Italy

  Quality and attention to detail have always been the mark of the brand Joli Bébé. All our manufacturing is 100% Made in Italy with high-quality materials: from the fine yarn, to the shining strass and pearls, to the first-choice fur for pompons. Each production phase is submitted to quality control and highly qualified personnel finish the products out, taking care of them as if they were intented to be for their own children!

  Every season Joli Bébé launches continuously new and original collections and a vast and varied choice of samples, that will ensure any style or market requirement. Joli Bébé :ITALIAN taste, elegance and quality.



produced and distributed by

SPAZIO MODA di Pierdicca Roberta

Address: Via E. Ciucci, 47 – 63064 – Cupra Marittima (AP) – Italy Tel: (+39) 0735.777125 Fax: (+39) 0735.776147
whatsapp (+39) 347 7334119

Email: info@joli-bebe.it

Show Room: Viale Luigi Majno, 15 – 20122 Milano Tel: (+39) 02.82950719

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